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We all have our opinion on who will win the premier league,and our opinions are usually based on who we support,or who we ” don’t” want to win the league,so if its not going to be our team,it will be the most able team we dislike least!

I haven’t a clue who “will” win, but here is an analysis of “my” thoughts on the top 7 teams.

(Had to include Everton)


Liverpool have started off really well and I think Suarez being missing, helped Daniel Sturridge make his mark in becoming an as important player as Gerard and Suarez.

Over the last (at least) 4 to 5 years, Liverpool have relied on Gerard/Torres or Gerard/Suarez to maintain any sort of challenge on the top 4.

Now with Sturridge, and coutinho also,they look more capable of sustaining some sort of challenge,if we can keep them fit, and playing consistently well.

We still need to improve the team,as I don’t think we are strong enough in the depth of the squad if we lose key players,or they lose a bit of form.

What gives me hope,is the managers method of play (which is different to formation) our method doesn’t change,and all the players understand better this season,what is required of them from a positional tactical perspective.

Jordan Henderson, is the biggest example of that,in so much as he knows what the team pattern demands of him when he is in different areas of the field.

That “philosophy” means that whoever comes in to the team, understands their fundamental jobs,which means we can now expect a consistent level of team performances,regardless of who is in the team.

Obviously, the better players in the team,will do better,but the consistency should be there week in week out.


While it may give us great pleasure to see man utd where they are,it is unfair to blame David moyes for their shortcomings!

Players have to take more responsibility for the “bad” results,as we know,they take most of the credit for the “good” results!

The problem we have (and I know,we went through it with Graeme sourness)….is…subconciously, when you go out to play,and if at the end of the game,when you lose…..the crowd is going to boo the manager….not you….you don’t have to perform!

If they were going to boo you,and not the manager….you would “have” to perform.

I would never accuse any player of not trying (once again,this is in a players subconcious)…but do you think man utd would have lost those pre season games,never mind those league games,if sir Alex had been there?

This is where fans have to put more demands on the players,not just the managers to win….if those man utd players are such superstars,how are they where they are…are they saying that “they”were not the reason for the success over the years,but the manager was?

Sir Alex has been fortunate over recent years,because other teams fans,have undermined their managers,which affects the teams performance,because their players were not forced to take responsibility for not winning! ( Chelsea fans booing rafa,man city fans hating Mancini, arsenal fans questioning wenger )

Even When man utd played a weaker team at times,they still performed,because the players knew who would be blamed if they lost.

Just like my years under souness,when the fans were against Graeme,we (subconciously) didn’t have to preform,as when we lost,the didn’t boo us,the booed him.


Jose mourinho is the best manager in the world!

But times change,he has changed,players have changed in such a short space of time.

The Jose who came to Chelsea,all those years ago,who cajoled,bullied….whatever else he did to turn Chelsea into the team they became is different.

Back then he had something to prove.it seemed to me,because he didn’t play,he felt he had to do more than just coach the team to be accepted,and respected by everyone, (which he probably had to do)

I don’t beleive you have to even had played football to be a good coach,but unfortunately,that is the stereotypical view for most people.

Having achieved everything,and more,he has nothing to prove anymore.

However,I’m sure he is well aware of the “nature” of football,where,”everyone” is a football expert,and people are now trying to tell him,how he should play,who he should play,and where he should play his players…..add that to player power,and you can see the problem he has!

Mourinho is not a boring cautious negative manager!

What he demands from his team,is determination,desire,a tremendous work ethic,allied to the “talent” you should have,if you are at a team like Chelsea.

What a lot of us do,is we forgive and don’t insist on a “technically” gifted players work rate,and effort,because of his “talent” as well as forgiving,and ignoring a ” hard working” players lack of technical skill.

The latter is fine, because that “hard working” player,will never get to, and is not able to reach the levels of the “technicians”

However,there is “no” reason for the “skilful” players, not to have a good work ethic,or work hard defensively out of possession ( I am not talking about running around tackling like Peter Reid, but getting back into a good defensive position,and continuing to work until the ball is won)

That is why Jose’s team “seem” negative.

When they lose the ball,they all work incredibly hard to get goal side,and make it so difficult to break down,then with their quick wide players,counter attack to create opportunities for the strikers.

He has been critisized for the Oscar/mata conundrum.

I don’t see “either” of them as mourinho type players,but he has decided that while mata may be more skilful,what he requires from his no. 10 is more that what mata has,and Oscar is more suited to that role.

Fans may say mata then can play in the wider position,but the requirement of that “position” ( not the person in that position) is not what Jose feels mata can do.

The manager has to see the fluency,and method in his “whole” team,and if a player can’t enhance the pattern of the team, ( although he may do well, or look good,or even be successful from an individual perspective) the manager (who knows more than anyone what he wants individually and collectively from his players/team) is completely right to pick whoever he wants and play him however/wherever he chooses!

Gone on too long, so will leave it there,and tommorow talk about arsenal,Tottenham,man city,and Everton!


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