Who will win the premier league

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Just got to South Africa to do the champions league yesterday,so couldn’t finish the debate on who will win the premier league.


They have started off really well,but I still feel that they have their defensive short comings.

A lot has been made, and rightly so of the impact ozil has made to arsenal, but I feel equally as important, but in a different way, has been the return of flamini !

We all know how fluent arsenal are in possession,but out of possession,without having the strongest central defence,they need more protection in front of them.

Arteta does a great job in front of them from an attacking perspective,however he is not a defensive midfield player,and when they play against better opposition who will have as much of the ball as them,with clever attacking midfield players ( as against Dortmund) ,they need a more defensive minded player in that position.

Finding the right way to use Wiltshire and ozil also is coming together,with jack now understanding better, that although he may start a bit wider,with ozil being behind giroud doesn’t mean he can’t rotate with him,to sometimes be more central.

Getting carzola involved as well may be difficult,as the three of them can’t all play.

Glad to see arsenal fans having faith in wenger again,as he knows more than anyone else,what is the right way for arsenal to be successful


As David moyes has found it difficult to adjust to life at man utd after fergie,you could have expected Martinez to find it equally as difficult to replace moyes at Goodison.

Not so,he has had a great start at Everton,all the more remarkable,as he has changed the style and pattern of evertons game,which you would expect to take time,which is a credit to the players.

All you can ask any manager to do is to maximise the potential of their team, moyes,and now Martinez is doing so,as David moyes instilled a humility,team and work ethic into Everton,which Martinez is fortunate to be benefitting from.

Teams don’t overachieve, other teams underachieve which makes it seem that some teams overachieve.

Everton maximise their potential.


They did the best business of the season,by selling Gareth bale,and getting in the amount of quality players the did for virtually the same amount of money.

They also did it at the right time, ” early”, so they were prepared well before the season started.

They may have been in trouble financially, had bale’s move fallen through,but were prepared to take that gamble!

AVB is a good coach,and has organised his team and prepared them tactically,to mount a challenge for the title……with the squad they have,they can afford a few injuries,or loss of form,while still being able to replace players with equal ability.

It may be a bit early for them to win the league,as such wholesale change in a team may take its time to gel consistently,and the “experience” of going for the title, counts for a lot.

However, they are dark horses (if I can say that in this current climate) for the title!


They were/are my favourites for the title, because of the strength of their squad.

They now have no excuses,and the treatment of Mancini,wasn’t very good.

He did exceptionally well to win the league with all the disharmony and upheaval at the club with players,fans,and the media,questioning and critisizing his every decision.

That continued last season,which had an undermining effect on their title challenge.

Now he isn’t there,there are no excuses for the fans or players not to perform,and in pellegrini,the have a very good manager,who will man manage the players more effectively.

Man city to win the league, Chelsea 2nd,then arsenal,Tottenham,Liverpool,man utd fight it out for 3rd,4th,5th and 6th…Everton 7th.


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