England Qualify for WC 2014

2 Posted by - October 16, 2013 - England
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Congratulations to England for qualifying for the WC!

England did what they had to do,and deservedly qualified for the World Cup with a good performance against a determined Poland team.

Andros Townsend once again played very well in terms of his attacking flair and pace,and Danny welbecks showed a maturity in his performance with his tactical appreciation of the defensive demands of his role,in such an attacking line up!

Once again we saw the 2 only world class players we have ( Rooney and Gerard) deliver, under pressure when it mattered most.

Now we have gotten there,I’m sure the circus will begin (from the media) surrounding our attempt to win the WC!

We have a decent group of young players, who, if they continue to progress will make good international players……will they be better than the last generation (beckham,Gerard,lampard,Owen,Ferdinand,terry,scholes and the like) who have played at the highest European club level, winning champions league titles,who “still” couldn’t progress pass the quarter finals of a major tournament?

I don’t think so…….unless the townsends, starlings,welbecks, cleverlys, oxlade chamberlains, rodwells, smallings, jones of this world,become “regular” “main” players of their “top” clubs!!

Secondly,we have to stop looking to our next “superstar” (Townsend,sterling,Walcott before them) who comes on the scene for 5 mins,then resting our hopes on them winning us the WC!

We have to look at the way we play as a team,and our method,and pattern of play,which then players can fit into if we beleive in our “system” ( as Spain,Germany,brazil,and other top teams do)……

While the way we played against Montenegro,and Poland, (2 wide men,2 strikers)….worked,it really was out of us having to win those games,and also because of the teams we were playing!

Do you really think had we been playing Spain,and Germany,we would have played that team,or formation….even if we had to win! Not a chance!

You may say why not? But as a “decent” Poland side showed on a few occasions,if you play such an open style, against “better” opposition….they will make you pay!

We are not as strong as we were defensively (back four) so we need to protect them, more than we did in the past,particularly against the better teams,which means we need better defensive midfield players (which may be too late for this WC) in the future!

We need to respect that aspect of football,to create the right balance,and fluency between attack and defence,and while andros Townsend,Walcott,sterling et al,are great talents,the days of “getting at them,down the line and put the cross in) are gone!

Those aspects of football,are (and always will be) important to scoring goals,and winning matches, but you “cannot” base your whole system,pattern of play,or attacking philosophy on that,as they are just fleeting moments in a ninety minute match!

How you play for the other 85 mins is what you’re system has to be based on!

A 4-2-4……4-3-3….4-2-3-1…….is “not” a “system” it is a “formation”!

The “system” is the workings,and details of the “formation” and understanding that,is fairly complex.

There are may different systems you can employ within the same formation….my Liverpool team,and Wimbledon both played 4-4-2……same “system” absolutely not!!

(This was what I was talking about yesterday, when I said about all the experts…rugby players, cricketers, milkmen,lawyers,everyone….talking about how the team should play,what “system” “formation” without understanding it)

Just like me talking about other sports,(rugby, just tackle him,run past him,get stuck in…..cricket, just hit it,spin it more,bowl faster……boxing, knock his head off)…. Very technical!

Other teams have, and maintain a footballing identity, and that is what we have to create!


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